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  • CIH comment on the Public Account Committee’s right to buy

    时间:2016-05-13 15:36 来源:CIH官网 CIH编辑:admin

      The Public Account Committee’s report – released today – raises a number of issues relating to government proposals to extend the right to buy to 1.3 million housing association tenants.

      This includes insufficient detail about how the scheme will be funded; the lack of a detailed published impact assessment of the policy; whether the homes sold will be replaced on a genuine 'like for like' basis; and concerns about the robustness of controls to prevent fraud.

      Commenting on the report, CIH chief executive Terrie Alafat said: "We welcome the Public Accounts Committee’s report and recommendations. It addresses many of our concerns about the way policy has developed to date, including the need to make sure that the scheme’s finances stack up so that we don’t see a net loss of the affordable homes to rent that we so desperately need.

      "It’s also good to see that the potential for fraud has been recognised. With the high value of discounts available to some tenants it’s in everyone’s interests to make sure that adequate checks and balances are put in place."

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