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  • CIH comment on PRS rents and house price index

    时间:2016-05-13 15:41 来源:CIH官网 CIH编辑:admin

      CIH deputy chief executive Gavin Smart commented today on the statistics.

      Referring to the latest Office for National Statistics figures for private sector rents which show an increase and the latest house price index figures which show homes have gone up in value by 6.1 per cent in the year to February 2016, he said: "Today’s figures show that private sector rents are increasing at the same time house prices. This will impact significantly on people who are already struggling to find a home they can afford.

      "People who need help with their housing costs and who live in homes at the lower end of the rental market will face increasing problems as local rates for housing benefit are frozen. This will leave them with a shortfall, which many may not be able to make up.

      "We know the government’s commitment is to build one million homes in the life of this parliament which we support. However, the majority of these homes will be for home ownership and we also need to see homes built for affordable renting to meet the needs of the 25-30 per cent of households who cannot afford to buy a home of their own."

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