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  • CIH response to 2016 Budget announcement

    时间:2016-05-13 15:45 来源:CIH官网 CIH编辑:admin

      Responding to today's Budget, CIH chief executive Terrie Alafat said: "CIH has been calling for more measures to address homelessness and rough sleeping and today's announcement of an investment of £115 million to tackle rough sleeping is good news.

      She continued: "It will go some way to supporting vulnerable people who need a home and we hope it marks the start of more action to come to end homelessness in this country. Homelessness is increasing and we would like to see additional investment in services to prevent homelessness and in more affordable housing."

      Find out more

      Download our member-only briefing on what you need to know

      Access the full Budget as a PDF

      CIH consultancy services: reducing homelessness

      Training: A modern approach to tackling new causes of homelessness (26 April, Coventry or 17 June, London)

      Training: Introduction to homelessness (11 May, Coventry or 13 June, London)

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