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  • CIH Scotland comments on Budget 2016

    时间:2016-05-13 15:46 来源:CIH官网 CIH编辑:admin

      The Chartered Institute of Housing in Scotland has commented on the 2016 Budget, presented to the House of Commons today (16th March 2016) by Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne.

      CIH Scotland Director Annie Mauger said:

      “There were no big surprises in today’s budget but there will be big implications for people living across the UK. Further cuts, such as the changes to Personal Independence Payment announced last week and affirmed by the Chancellor today, will make it more difficult to support some of the most vulnerable people in our communities to meet basic living costs.

      “While housing policy is already devolved to the Scottish Government and further powers over taxation, borrowing and social security are due to be transferred through the Scotland Bill, there will be no quick, easy fixes. This latest announcement sets even greater challenges for the next Scottish Government.”

      Find out more

      Download CIH Scotland's Agenda for Change - our election manifesto for housing

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